Disco Lighting

Martin mania efx500

$30 Inc GST hire

The Mania EFX500 is a powerful, “full house” 250 W halogen effect that kicks out a dizzying array of razor sharp effects and patterns. 250 W halogen lamp 1000 hour lamp included 11 gobos plus blackout Manual focus Strobe effect with gobo wheel Rotating and swiveling mirror drum.

LED Obsession

$20 Inc GST hire

The Chauvet Obsession LED projects richly saturated gobos in a goboflower effect from a compact and lightweight housing. This energetic goboflower has endless uses and features continuous rotation effects.

Dynatwin party scanner

$30 Inc GST hire

Essentially the Dynatwin is two Dynamo’s joined together, this is ideal for the mobile DJ looking to minimise on setup time and cables. One power cable and one set of control cables operate two separate scanners, each with independent colour/gobo wheels and light sources. The case looks very similar to that of the Dynamo and shares the same tough metal construction Ten combined colour and gobo patterns, including some with split colours are combined with fast moving mirrors to produce a range of stunning effects.

Dynamo party scanner

$20 Inc GST hire

The Dynamo Scanner is an amazing light with great effects to create a party atmosphere. Four channel DMX moving light (pan, tilt, colour/gobo, shutter). 10 colour/gobos plus open, DMX, master/slave or sound-to-light operation
kam hexaflower 1 dmx temp

LED Hexaflower

$20 Inc GST hire

The LED Hexaflower 1 is a 6 lens LED sweep effect with DMX control.The RGB unit creates stunning sweeping effects with its multi red, green and blue high power LEDs. The beams are created using motor controlled moving lights and angled glass lenses for dispersion.

LED circus effect light

$25 Inc GST hire

The Circus 2.0 IRC is a fresh take on a long-time favorite from Chauvet. This updated version combines an LED effect light with sharp, flowing beams with a high-impact strobe effect

Gig bar

$45 Inc GST hire

The Chauvet DJ GigBar  is the ultimate pack-n-go 3-in-1 lighting system for DJs and Bands. It comes with everything you need to create an amazing party atmosphere. Including 2x Derby effects, 2x RGB+UV parcans and strobe lights all mounted on one bar. The unit features amazing built-in automated and sound-activated programs including all 3 effects.

3 in 1 Swarm

$25 Inc GST hire

For movement and colorful effects at any event, Swarm 5 FX is a 3-in-1 LED effect light that combines red and green lasers, white strobe effects and RGBAW rotating derby effects into one fixture. Match the look of any event by creating customized looks and effects with separate color and program control. Increase control options using built-in automated and sound-activated programs or Master/Slave and DMX mode. Create a synchronized light show


$20 Inc GST hire

sound activated or auto LED lighteffect with 187 RGBW LEDs producing various preprogrammed brilliant light beams. The LED technology ensures very low consumption (20W) and high light output. With master/slave function. Perfect for use during parties, in discos, theatres, etc.

Dynamic LED scan

$20 Inc GST hire

The Dynamic featuring 8 static gobos and an independent colour wheel, the Dynamic 25 Scan can be operated in DMX, sound active and master/slave modes.

Red and green laser

$20 Inc GST hire

This red green beam laser unit generates two powerful high-brightness vivid beams to create stunning visual laser patterns. It also operates on-line synchronously. The beams have a diameter of ø15~20mm and are small angled. With more than 60 kinds of patterns ensuring a colourful and amazing reproduction. The best-matched colour and power and laser power with dual temperature control, great effects will give you amazing visual impact. Application: It is great for small to medium live concerts, TV studios, road shows, mobile DJ, clubs.

Mirror ball

$20 Inc GST hire

Tiny Mirrors reflect lights beautifully across the walls and ceiling Can be used in 70’s disco party, dance party, wedding, birthday party and Christmas tree decoration. Disco balls will transform any space in to a groovy dance floor by bouncing the playful colors and lurid lights all around.